Resume / Skills

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Expert Knowledge:

Maya – particles, cloth, Fluids lighting, look dev
Python – PyQt (gui), Maya and Nuke specific libraries

Additional Advanced Knowledge:

Maya – rigging
Houdini, Mantra
LIDAR processing with proprietary software as well as MeshLab
Nuke and Nuke specific Python libraries
C++, Perl, MEL, Bash

Historic Knowledge:


Oblique Knowledge:

SynthEyes, PFTrack

Film work:

Heart of the Sea – water simulations
Hercules – Creature drool, blood spatter
Exodus: Gods and Kings – Locust swarms, hail storms
The Hangover : Part III – Parachute cloth simulations, rigging, lighting and rendering
42 – Stadium LIDAR preparation, crowd simulation programming
Gangster Squad – Ground debris, environment creation for full CG chase shots, 3D reflections, prop replacements
Prometheus – Displays for holographic presentation
Elf-Man – Particles
The Guilt Trip – 3D reflections for green screen car comps
The Spirit – CG snow and shell casings
X-Files: I Want to Believe – CG snow


University of California at Davis: graduated Spring 2004
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Bachelor of Art, Art Studio (Fine Art)

Gnomon School of Visual Effects: 2007 – 2009, Hollywood CA

Work History:

FX Technical Director (Double Negative) April 2014 – June 2014
My credits included Exodus: Gods and Kings, Hercules and Heart of the Sea

3D Maya Generalist (Hammerhead Productions) September 2011 – April 2013
My credits include The Hangover Part III, 42, Gangster Squad, Prometheus, Elf-Man, and The Guilt Trip

Pipeline Engineer / IO (Hammerhead Productions) March 2010 – September 2011
I acted as the main developer for Hammerhead.  I also managed incoming and outgoing firewire drives, and well as all related conform tasks.  I handled simple 3D tasks related to pre-vis and pipeline development

Render Pipeline Engineer (Lightstorm LA, Avatar) September 2008 – January 2009
Utilizing MotionBuilder, Python, and Qt, I wrote pipeline tools, as well as performing artist duties in preparing scenes where the task was not yet automated.  I also wrote shaders to help with the next generation of the pipeline.

Maya Generalist (EntityFX, The Spirit) April 2008 – June 2008
Using Maya, hand tracking, as well as Boujou and PFTrack, I helped create snow and other 3D elements for The Spirit.

I/O Pipeline Engineer (EntityFX) November 2006 – January 2008
I created a variaty of software, including Maya plugins (both MEL and compiled C++) and renderfarm tools, tape backup management, web apps and I/O tools to move common conform and layoff tasks to the render farm and away from the Inferno pipeline.

Senior Production Services Technician (Sony Imageworks) January 2006 – September 2006
My duties included: render farm management and troubleshooting, tape backups, disk space management, and tool development through the use of Perl, Python, PyQt, and Perl-cgi for web apps.  Most development work also utilized existing libraries for system integration.

Cameraman / Editor (AGTV, campus news) January 2004 – June 2005
As a cameraman / editor, I shot and edited pieces to realize the reporters’ stories. Additionally, I was chosen to train new operators.  AGTV is a student organized news program targeted mainly to UC Davis students, and can be viewed on the AGTV website.