The Saga

star_wars_to_jediWhen I was 10, I loved my copies of Star Wars recorded off the TV.  Then for my birthday I received the complete trilogy on VHS.  At the beginning of each tape was an ad for “From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga”.  And with the realization that there were people out there whose JOB it was to create the magic I loved, I was hooked.  I took all the art classes I could throughout high school, and every computer graphics course offered in college.  I then taught myself Maya and Perl.  I got render watching and coding jobs, taught myself Python while all the while taking on any scrap of artist work I could get my hands on.  And yet, despite the inherent volatility of a project based system, writers strikes, and the current instabilities amongst VFX companies, I’m still here.  Still learning and building and creating to make that 10 year old proud.